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Welcome to Woodbine

Woodbine is one of the UK's best and longest established independent studios. No other studio I know re-invests so much to keep the equipment cutting edge for the benefit of our artists. The new creative team of John and Eddy will strive to make you happy by making the song in your head a reality!

We can record, mix and master. We can also help with arrangement, production and programming. We're musicians too and can assist with drums and keys additions.

Even after investing so much, our rates are unchanged making Woodbine even better value!

These are challenging times so if you have a budget for a project, we will try to work with it - please contact us!

Over the years we've worked with most music styles and have a wealth of experience for you to draw on. We have a great combination of equipment, room acoustics, accurate monitoring and professionalism to ensure your recordings could not be in safer hands.

If you've decided to record elsewhere but want world class mixing and mastering, simply send us the files and we'll do the rest!

Please go to the Music page and listen to the exceptional quality... or just hit PLAY on any of the examples on this page.

For a giggle and sneaky peek at the studio, check out our  recording made for BBC C&W to...er...celebrate the Coventry ring road.

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