Woodbine Street

Professional Pro Tools Recording Studio


Audient ASP8024, (recently renewed with a brand new replacement). Dave Deardon of DDA fame designed this desk to be the most Hi Fi in its class. It's awesome and suits digital recording perfectly. We use high speed transmission cable for all critical audio paths and high grade low capacitance cable elsewhere for highest fidelity.


LATEST PROTOOLS 12.8 HDX / 192 Track with 24 Channels Avid Hi Def 192KHz interfaces and twin 27" wide screen monitors. Run by a new 'cylinder' Mac Pro; 12 core with 32Gigs ram, many TeraBytes of hard drives for safe storage of your material. Unique to us - VARISPEED ...range is +/- 10% on a big knob!


Mains are: EVE SC3010 3 way / 1300Watts per side, awesome clarity and musicality, have transformed our ability to achieve great mixes.

Alternate speakers are: Klein & Hummel O300D near fields. Also Avantone Cube 'horrids'. On the back wall; Quad Lites, iPod dock and KitSound Hive mkII for small system check. Our mixes are very real world compatible and travel well...ask any cutting engineer who's mastered our output.


Reverbs: Waves-Abbey Rd Plates, BX rooMS, Eventide Ultraverb, Exponential Audio; Phoenix, R2 & R4, 2C Audio:  B2, Aether & Breeze, Valhalla; Vintage, Room & Shimmer. Sonnox Reverb, CSR Reverb Suite, Reverb One, PSP Springbox, Nexcellence and PianoVerb, Redline Reverb, OverLoud: Breverb & SpringAge, Avid: D Verb and Air Suite. Convolution reverbs by Space & HOFA

SLATE DIGITAL:  Virtual Tape Machine, Virtual Buss Compressor and Virtual Mix Rack.

Celemony: Melodyne 4 - Indescribably Amazing!!

Virtual Guitar Amps; Softube: Bass Amp Room & Vintage Amp Room. BX:  Bassdude, Megaduel, Megasingle, Rockrak Pro...quite possibly my fave Amp Sims yet!, Scuffham S Gear, Amplitube 4 Max, (Includes; Ampeg SVX, Fender, Jimi Hendrix & Metal) & SansAmp.

PluginAlliance: Acme Opticom, BX; Console E, Black Box HG-2, Opto, rooMS, Stereomaker SPL; Transient designer, DrumXchanger, Passeq EQ, TwinTube. Unfiltered Audio; Dent 2

DUY: Valve & Tape..

McDSP: Futzbox, ML4000, Compressor & filter banks, MC2000 multi band compressor & Analogue channels.

Sound Toys: Microshift, Radiator, DevilLoc Deluxe, Decapitator, PanMan, PhaseMistress, Tremolator, Crystallizer, Alter Boy, FilterFreak & EchoBoy.

Waves;  L3-16 mastering limiterAPI 2500 compressor, Abbey Rd; Vinyl, Plates & REDD Consoles. Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter, Waves Tune Real-Time, Kramer Master Tape, EMI TG12345 Channel Strip, Puig EQs.

Steven Massey: De-esser, CT4 & CT5 compressors, Tape Head, THC distortion, EQ & L2007 limiter, DRT drum replacer.

PSP; Newfangled Audio; Elevate, EQuivocate, Springage, Excellence, B-Scanner, Busspressor, Mastercomp, OldTimer, Xenon dynamics and 608 Echo.

Misc: SoundRadix: Drum Leveller, Eventide UltraChannel & Octavox, iZotope; Ozone 5, Trash & Vinyl. Sonnox: EQ & Inflator. Tokyo Dawn; Nova and EQ, Mellowmuse: SATV. T-Racks3 EQ/dynamics. Melda: autodynamic EQ. Redline: pre-amp. Avid: Pro series plugins. Toast 12.

Kush: UBK-1, Clariphonic EQ and Pusher.


Arturia: V Collection 5; 17 classic keyboards, (Vox, Farfisa & etc), plus excellent acoustic and electric pianos.

IK: Sample Tank3 with extensive library, Sampletron, Miroslav Philharmonik & etc.

Native Instruments; Battery 3 and Kontakt 5 - again loads of samp's including full PMI Baroque Organ.

AAS: String Studio, Ultra Analogue, Chromophone & Lounge Lizard. Strum & Tassman Objeq Delay.

Also: XILS: Vocoder 5000, KV331 Audio: Synthmaster, Synthogy: Ivory2-(beautiful pianos), Garritan: Personal Orchestra 5.



Lexicon Model 200, MPX-1 & PCM70, Yamaha SPX900, Alesis Quadraverb plus the virtual reverbs within Protools.


TL Audio VP-1 all valve input channel, Focusrite vox channel, Spectrum Analyser.


2 x Audio & Design F760-RS heritage twin channel compressors, (one with vintage transformers)  - Restored to 'better than new' by Saturn Sound - Terrific on drums, vocals, guitars!. Also Compex 2's, Klark Teknik DN500, (very versatile), 2 x Joe Meek VC1Q opto compressor / mic pre's.


Valve: Sontronice Aria, 2 x Studio Projects T3, E.A.R. 'The Mike', 2 x At3060's, SE Z5600A & Z5600.

Condenser: Sennheiser E901 PZM (Kik mic), Sontronics; 2 x Orpheus, Stereo pair STC-1s, Stereo pair Microtech Gefell M930s, Josephson e22s, Neuman TLM170, Studio Projects LSD2 twin capsule mic, 2 x SE Z3300a's, 2 x JM478's, 2 x CAD M179's, 4 x Calrec 1050's, Sony C48 and AT4033.

Ribbons: Pair Cascade Fat IIs with Lundahl transformers, Beyer M500, CAD D82.

Classic Dynamics: Beyer :  2 x M88, collection of M101 Omni & M201 cardiod, Shure SM-7B, EV  RE20.

Misc Dynamics: AKG, Beyer, EV, Sennheiser, Shure. AT M23HE drum mics, EV N/D868 & Audix D6 kik mics.


Yamaha KX88 weighted action keyboard controller, Vintage Juno 60, Roland XV 3080 module. Hammond M110 Organ with Leslie cab. Regular and High Strung acoustics, Bass guitar, Electric guitar. Also a vintage Hayman drum kit for hire / choice of 2 snares. Many virtual keyboard plug-ins within ProTools.

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